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What our clients are saying


Accounting System Setup

“I approached Ms McElroy several month ago to assist me in filing back taxes. Recently her company is aiding me in setting up an accounting systems for my business.”

-Joann A


We are more than happy

“My records were a mess before I starting working with Any Budget Bookkeeping. After the initial consultation I was confident that we were in good hands. Since that time, Dawn has streamlined and organized our finances. She even went back to update our transactions in Quickbooks. We are more than happy with the services and we have already referred her to a few of our friends.”

-Cheri G


Trustworthy, dependable, professional

“Working with Any Budget was truly a blessing. I worked with Any Budget when I truly needed help with my personal budget. I needed to be held accountable for sticking to my budget to get my credit cards paid off. Any Budget worked with me to figure out the balances owed, minimum payment required, etc. I was responsible to give them $xx each pay period and they dispersed to my creditors in a timely manner. It worked great because regardless of my balance with my creditors (it got lower and lower), I still gave them the same amount each month and as they got my balance to zero, they applied more money to the next creditor. What I liked the most is I gave them money and they did the rest…which was get all my creditors paid off with little to no work on my end. It relieved a lot of stress and took the load off. Any Budget is professional, dependable, and trustworthy. I would highly recommend their services.”

-J Jones